Sunday, December 20, 2009

All new Kia Sorento

Now we're talking.

This is the latest and probably one of their Kia's best releases to date in Australia. On sampling this new car, one thing clearly strikes you every few minutes: This is a Kia?? This is no disrespect for the brand of course. It is more the fact that Kia have built small efficient new cars with a great warranty, it was hard to imagine they would come up with the something like the new Kia Sorento.

At first glance the styling screams of sophistication and class. It is so far removed from its predecessor in every way, it is more of a revolution than evolution!

The standard features list is extensive, probably far too long and boring to list here. Safety features are abundant and the diesel engine option is more than adequate.
One thing is for certain, most other competitors would cost somewhere around $15-20000 more for the same level of features. The Sorento has LED tail lamps and the Sorento Platinum has HID headlamps you would normally find in a European SUV. Such is the extent of its value. Coupled with a great warranty, 5yrs/Unlimited km, the choice must surely be narrowed down to a new Kia Sorento!