Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo

The Falcon XR6 Turbo has long been considered a performance bang for your buck since it's release in 2002. Starting with the BA, it blew away the competition with its Turbo urge and value for money.

It could do a 14sec quarter mile without much drama. Then you could drive it to work or take the family out for a drive and you wouldn't know its potency.

After a small visual and feature upgrade with the BA MkII Falcon including the 6 speed manual, the BF Falcon was released in 2005 with a host of visual and feature updates. The one that stood out most was the new 6 speed ZF Automatic transmission. The reason for this significance is that the 6 speed auto allowed the turbo charged 6 cylinder to engine to really exploit its torque and enhance acceleration even further. Sub-14sec quarter mile times were now a reality!

Fast forward to the FG Falcon XR6 Turbo. This car has once again set the bar very high amongst the competition! With a potent 270kw and 533Nm of torque, it has the abililty to launch the car into the low 13sec times down the strip. Now that's hauling!

Acceleration is simply a case of slightly straightening the ankle and the torque simply takes over and gets you to the speed limit without any fuss. Overtaking? No problems. In fact, the need to give the car full throttle acceleration in city traffic is almost unnecessary. It simply does not need it!

In terms of handling and braking the XR6 Turbo is very comfortable, while providing sure footed cornering and stopping for all applications in daily driving. Some spirited performance is always on tap as the car never feels unstable even in harder cornering with the right amount of chassis balance available.

On the inside, the seats are very comfortable and designed very much with comfort in mind as well as being gripy enough for the harder drivers.

The steering wheel feels great as does the feel. Everything also seems with in easy reach, especially the radio/CD and cruise control bottons located on the steering wheel. This has long been a Falcon advantage.

Fuel consumption is also a surprise. Ford claims 11.7/100km, but low 11 is certainly achievable even in city driving so long as there isn't much hard acceleration involved. On the highways, down to just over 7l/100km may even be achieved as proven at the fuel economy challenge in October.

So overall a very enticing package as a family car, a performance sedan and an executive cruiser.

Meaning, it is hard to beat.

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