Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fuel efficient driving

With mounting pressure on our pockets from fluctuating fuel prices, it's wise to have a closer look at how we all drive. This is not a lesson in how to decrease your impact on "global warming" as our impact is minimal. It's more about how to save money and have cleaner air around us.

Driving efficiently doesn't mean you need to buy a car with a smaller capacity engine either! You can keep your Ford Falcon or Toyota Aurion and still save some money at the pump.

Firstly and most importantly, pay attention and watch the road! As simple as this sounds it is critical. Not only will you most likely see a hazard ahead avoiding a potential accident, it can reduce braking time meaning coming off the accelerator earlier. By doing this, especially in large metropolitan areas like Sydney, the engine will spend less time under load and more time in its best economy range.
There will also be less brake wear on your car as a result!
Accelerating from a standing start in an orderly fashion most of the time will also help reduce consumption. If there is no need to have a traffic light GP then avoid it.

Tyre pressures should be checked every few fuel stops, or at least once every couple of weeks. The fuel efficiency of the car is improved when the tyres are at the right pressure. Check for what they should be in the owners manual, on one of the doors or the sill.

Check the boot/ hatch etc and see if you really need to carry that pram everywhere you go. Do all those CD's need to be in the glove box? Probably not.
As a guide, the above methods are a good way to save you some money. Should you buy a Toyota Prius or Ford Fiest ECOnetic? Possibly, if it suites you. However, there is also nothing better than some good old fashioned common sense as well.
Happy motoring.


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